San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

This project was to build a new HQ for the San Francisco PUC. The goal was to build and own a LEED Platinum Building that provides long term common sense savings to its rate payers, and one that is seismically safe for 100 years and beyond.


A state-of-the-art raised flooring system incorporating the building’s data and ventilation infrastructure and reducing HVAC energy costs by 51%. • Open BACnet BAS as part of building’s Integrated Building System (IBS). The IBS incorporated all building mechanical, electrical, lighting, window shades, rainwater harvesting, hybrid solar array, wind turbines, and gray/black water systems. • Aggressive BMS control strategies to take full advantage of mechanical system energy savings and performance.


Sunbelt Controls became active members of the construction team in December 2010, with the owner moving in May of 2012. This aggressive construction schedule almost immediately required weekly design, coordination and commissioning coordinating meetings to keep the project on track.

These meetings did not just require coordination and planning, but required decisions and commitments to be made on the spot. With the Sunbelt Controls project manager present at these meetings, Sunbelt’s requirements from other trades were expressed and delivered so that the BMS delivery commitments could also be meet.

One of the key challenges was the integration of the custom HuntAir air handling unit controls into the ALC system. HuntAir uses supply and return fan wall technology (staging 36 fans with 36 variable frequency drives) which required a unique integration and testing process to deliver the appropriate sequence and performance to the building.

Project Details