Data Center
East Wenatchee, WA

The Company delivers a complete virtualization platform from desktop through the data center out to the public cloud, while integrating with a user’s overall IT infrastructure. With more than 190,000 customers, expansion required the construction of 10 POD containment areas to house system servers.


  • Ten 50,000 cfm rooftop units
  • Reclaimed condensate and evaporative media for a green application
  • Energy efficient evaporative cooling operating in conjunction with direct expansion cooling
  • Ethernet connectivity for all ALC controls
  • Enhanced LEED certification


During the design and contractor selection phases of the project, The Company was looking for a controls partner that could meet the demanding needs of a mission critical facility. The building had an existing building management system with which the Owner was not satisfied. Reasons for this dissatisfaction included ease of use, product application, and other issues.

The Automated Logic solution that was provided met both immediate and long term needs of the facility. The system allowed for the ability to move forward with the building expansion while providing a retrofit path for correcting existing systemic problems with the facility.

Sunbelt Controls’ equipment configuration provides the most energy-efficient and effective means of providing the necessary cooling for the server units.


Project Team 

Architect: Smith Group

Mechanical Engineer: Alfa Tech Engineering

Mechanical Contractor: Hermanson Company

Controls Contractor: Sunbelt Controls