Broadway Tower
Portland, OR

Broadway Tower is a 19-story, 430,000 square foot, mixed use high-rise building in the heart of Portland, Oregon. The building is within walking distance of the city’s best restaurants, shops, museums, parks, and art galleries. The ground floor combines retail space, and world class restaurants and bar facilities. A Radisson RED Hotel occupies the second through eight floors and includes 186 hotel rooms. The ninth through nineteenth floors house office space.


Sunbelt Controls successfully completed the LEED® Gold certified construction of the Broadway Tower skyscraper.

Broadway Tower has a mixed use Mechanical system. On the office-occupied floors, self-contained vertical units with water-side economizers use a condenser water loop controlled by wet-bulb outside air temperature to maximize efficiency. Fan-powered and variable air volume boxes with reheat complete the office system. The ground floor and hotel mechanical system is comprised of fan coil units with electric reheat and hydronic cooling. The hydronic system uses boilers, an air-cooled chiller, heat exchangers, pumps, and cooling towers. Other third-party integration includes a chiller, dedicated outdoor air system, rooftop unit, ABB variable frequency drives for the pumps and fans, hydronic flow meters, and CO/NO2 garage exhaust.

PRODUCT SOLUTION: Reliable Controls


Project Team

Owner:  BDB/SW Broadway, LLC

Architect:  GBD Architects

General Contractor:  Howard S Wright

Mechanical Engineer:  Glumac / McKinstry Company

Mechanical Contractor:  McKinstry Company

Controls Contractor:  Sunbelt Controls