Remote Services

for Building Owners

Sunbelt Controls Remote Service is a remote support solution providing our clients with the quickest path to Building Automation expertise and system diagnostics. Remote Services for building owners, property managers, and engineers is designed expedite high quality and proactive support to you and your building automation system.

Through our web based ticketing system, Remote  Service technicians provide support for any issues that can be addressed remotely, including: schedule changes, comfort issues, communication or other irregular operation troubleshooting. Multi-point remote equipment evaluation allows you to target your service while on-site for service calls on preventative maintenance.

Our team can provide phone or remote diagnostic support to your team to speed repair and service, reducing downtime.

We monitor buildings and verify every alarm for validity, limiting the number of unnecessary comfort calls. We act as the first responder, allowing you to focus on your business.

Let Sunbelt Controls Remote Services help you:

  • Increase Productivity
    Your technician’s time is maximize by receiving a pre-diagnosis of issues before they even arrive on-site.
  • Cost Avoidance
    Avoid costs for some on-site services through remote first responders, by reducing travel time and truck charges
  • Enhance Occupant Experience
    Reduce downtime and shrink service response time.
  • Improve Your Building Operation
    Historical data is used to develop greater insight to building patterns, providing opportunity to improve operational efficiency.

Our average support ticket response time is under 30 Minutes.

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