Capital Manor | Salem, OR

One of Oregon’s premier accredited continuing care retirement communities, Capital Manor has been in operation since 1963. From fully independent homes and apartments to residential care services, Capital Manor has over 430 residents.


  • Retrofit & Valve Replacement
  • Boiler, Chiller, Fan Coil Unit, HVAC
  • 5,381,955 square feet
  • 1 MACH-ProWebCom™
  • 4 ETHER-Link™
  • 15 MACH-Zone™
  • 96 MACH1™
  • EIA-485, Ethernet
  • 1,170 Points


Capital Manor was burdened with an obsolete control system and often

experienced issues with equipment failure. To renew the aging health care

facility, Reliable Controls® Authorized Dealer, Sunbelt Controls (formerly

Essential Building Technologies), was awarded the contract to retrofit a DDC

solution and replace aging control valves to ensure long term comfort for the

manor’s residents.

At more than 5 million square feet, Capital Manor boasted an extensive list of

mechanical equipment, but thanks to the flexibility of the Reliable Controls®

MACH-System, Essential Building Technologies were able to control the entire

facility with 4 ETHER-Link™ portals, 15 MACH-Zone™ controllers, and 96

MACH1™ controllers. Onsite mechanical equipment consisted of Air Handler

Units (AHUs), chillers, boilers, and the main Terrace Tower’s 65 Fan Coil Units


To provide easy access to system information, the Reliable Controls® MACHSystem

powerhouse MACH-ProWebCom™ controller operates as the host for

serving custom graphic representations of the entire facility.

Due to the modular arrangement of the Reliable Controls® MACH-System,

Sunbelt Controls was able to install the system without disturbing the lives of

the manor’s residents.

Project Details