City of Encinitas Community &
Senior Center
Encinitas, CA

The City of Encinitas is responsible for governance of five separate communities north of San Diego. This project involves the Encinitas Community and Senior Center Building. The facility provides public recreational, educational, civic and social opportunities. The vast majority of the space consists of leased revenue generating square footage.


Encinitas five-year strategic plan calls for lowering city greenhouse gases, decreasing base cost of operation and proactively preparing for 2016 utility rate changes. The cost per square foot of this 36,000 square foot facility was high in relation to other city properties. Project goals included not only the direct return on investment, but demonstration of economic and environmental leadership to the community and other local governments. Changes were to meet or exceed the 2013 California Green Building Code requirements.


To achieve the required savings, equipment replacement included an existing chiller and pumping system along with air handler unit variable speed drives. During the five month construction schedule, significant building electrical system modifications were required to be implemented. Execution of work was performed around the operating schedule of the building, so as not to disrupt occupants and lease revenue.

Accomplishing the city goals required a complete energy management system replacement. New building power quality equipment detects, monitors and records power fluctuations and qualities directly and indirectly affecting cost of operation. Real-time power monitoring display provides immediate results of cost saving control strategies. Coinciding with the Green Code, Sunbelt installed an OpenADR – Certified secure communication device permitting the energy management system immediate implementation of utility-initiated Automated Demand Response Program routines. In preparation for forecasted real-time pricing, the OpenADR infrastructure permits minute to minute automatic modification of control strategies to retain management of building utility costs.

Achieving community awareness, graphics simultaneously demonstrate greenhouse gas, electrical reduction and pertinent metrics of the building down to a zone. Public graphics reinforce the city’s commitment to being stewards of the environment.