Data Center | Pleasanton, CA


The building owner is a provider of cloud-based enterprise solutions.  The company offers database and middleware software, application software, cloud infrastructure software and hardware systems. This field office is a LEED Silver® and Energy Star® Certified campus comprised of two five-story buildings that include office space, a server room, café, fitness center and one four-level parking structure. The building management system at the zone level in Building 1 needed to be upgraded due to performance degradation and slow information transfer speed.


The project included replacing 269 Variable Air Volume (VAV) control modules and running new communication wire.  The most important factor for the owner was that there be no impact to comfort cooling or disruption to the occupants during the upgrade.


Sunbelt Controls self-performed all aspects of the project. There was concern about the estimated eight-month duration of the project and the disruption it might create to a fully occupied building. Sunbelt Controls was able to expand the size of the team and complete the project in four months. There was zero impact to occupant comfort.

Product Solution: ALC