Data Center | Sunnyvale, CA


The project was the expansion of an existing colocation facility (COLO) and end-of-life replacement for electrical and cooling equipment in a Data Center. The Data Center houses 68,000 square feet of COLO and accesses 8 MW of power. It also included an end-of-life replacement of the controls for the cooling tower.


The project required all equipment to be installed and commissioned while the Data Center was live, so it was critical that there be no downtime.  It consisted of replacing 57 automatic transfer switches (ATS), 3 power distribution units (PDU), 18 remote power panels (RPP), 42 cooling units, and 25 computer room air conditioners (CRAC).  The cooling tower building management system replacement included 5 control panels.


The most important aspect of the project was to meet the 12-month schedule without any downtime or interruptions to the facility.  Sunbelt Controls understood the needs of such a critical environment and provided the expertise to keep the facility running.  Sunbelt Controls developed methodical procedures for the commissioning of each piece of equipment and led the coordination with facilities operations which resulted in successfully meeting the goal and schedule.

Project Team

General Contractor: JTM Construction Group, Inc.

Mechanical Engineer: Paradigm Structural Engineers

Mechanical Contractor: Therma Mechanical

Electrical Contractor:  Redwood Electric Group

Product Solution: ALC