El Camino Women’s Hospital
Mountain View, CA

El Camino Women’s Hospital is a large regional facility that offers access to Specialists who are renowned leaders in women’s health issues locally, regionally and internationally. ECH is known for pioneering significant advancements in areas including cardiac care, minimally invasive surgeries for women’s issues and care for urologic, gynecologic and breast cancers.


The project consisted of migrating and upgrading the hospital’s women’s campus controls system from their legacy STAEFA system to an ALC WebCTRL system in 8 months. The system needed to be able to communicate information to the Siemens Apogee System. These upgrades would involve both controls and mechanical changes.


Sunbelt Controls delivered their integrated system on schedule with minimal interruptions to the hospital’s daily procedures. The newly updated system impacted 36 patient rooms and delivery suites of which Sunbelt Controls was able to work on 4-6 rooms at a time. The challenges to name a few were working in an occupied facility with doctors, patients and staff during normal working hours with minimal disruptions. Sunbelt Controls worked carefully with doctors and staff to ensure that a steady equilibrium was maintained.

El Camino Women’s Hospital was more than willing to work with Sunbelt Controls due to their exceptional team (several of who had previously worked with ECH) and their superior product. Having the right technical product along with the right team equipped with the necessary expertise Sunbelt Controls succeeded with the challenge of staying on schedule and completing the project on schedule.


OWNER / OCCUPANT: El Camino Hospital

PRIME CONTRACTOR: Sunbelt Controls

MECHANICAL ENGINEER: Silver Bullet Engineers