Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex
Mojave Desert, CA

Retrofitting One of the Three Facilities in NASA’s Deep Space Network

The Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex is part of NASA’s Deep Space Network (DSN). The DSN is comprised of three advanced communications facilities, each with massive, highly sophisticated antennas that enable the transfer of data with NASA’s missions in space. The three platforms are situated approximately 120 degrees apart across the globe: one in Spain, another in Australia, and the third — Goldstone — in California. This strategic placement allows the DSN to maintain constant line of sight communications with spacecraft.  Jet Propulsion Labs operates all three facilities in the DSN, with Goldstone being the first and largest of the installations.  Collectively, the DSN is the largest and most sensitive telecommunication system in the world.

This project covered retrofits and improvements of complex energy facilities. Sunbelt Controls executed a complete retrofit and redesign of the HVAC controls on five buildings, and six of the ten antennas at Goldstone. We also delivered lighting controls to 26 buildings on five different sites across the complex.


Project Details

Owner: Jet Propulsion Laboratories

Date: 2012

Project Type: HVAC, Controls

Architect: Southern California Edison

Mechanical Contractor: ACCO Engineered Systems

Controls Contractor: Sunbelt Controls