Hitachi Data Systems
Santa Clara, CA

The Executive Briefing Center and Santa Clara Headquarters provides modular mid-range and high-end storage systems, software and services. The Center spans 300,000 sf. of office space. Hitachi helps its customers store, manage, access and correlate their information across different sources helping to discover, analyze, and use data for new competitive advantage.


The Worldwide Headquarters span 300,000 square feet of office space and was built in 1984. The building consisted of retrofitting Direct Digital Controls of the rooftop equipment and the floor level zones as follows:

  • Eighty dual duct and forty single duct cooling only zones
  • Six air handling units
  • Five Blower furnaces


Sunbelt Controls retrofitted the existing Automated Logic controls of the roof top equipment and added new controls at the zone level. The building was an occupied space and the work was performed after hours, so it was seamless and non-disruptive to the occupants.

The project took 3 months to complete. Sunbelt Controls was chosen for the project because in addition to our retrofit expertise, post support capabilities were very important. Hitachi wanted to work with a company that could provide local service after the project was completed and entered into a service agreement with Sunbelt Controls because of this. As part of the project Sunbelt Controls implemented various energy saving measures including:

  • Duct static reset
  • Supply air reset
  • Outside air conditional operation
  • Optimal start


OWNER / OCCUPANT: Hitachi Data Systems