Large Labs & Data Center
Santa Clara, CA

The Corporation specializes in developing and marketing computer hardware systems and enterprise software products. This project was a result of the company relocating to the property after an acquisition of Sun Microsystems in 2010.


Cabling, Programming, Commissioning, Graphics and Trending & Building Automation Control System for custom In-Row Air Coolers (IRCs).

Control, programming, engineering, and commissioning of pressurereducing valves on a hydronic system and the associated water flow and level sensors and related communication modules
Integration of VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) Alerts into Building Automation System (BAS)


After ruling out other, more efficient, options; the Data Center was to be cooled by a combination of different systems (AHUs, IRCs and FCs). The Large Labs, cooling was to be provided by custom In-Row Air Coolers (IRC) and the existing rooftop air conditioner (RTU), and by a new air handler on the roof supplied by new chilled water lines from the central plant – which required monitoring of water flow and level, and control of pressure-reducing valves. The particular expertise required to integrate the Data Center’s new, custom in-row air coolers and the more traditional air handling and fan coil units, and of the entire Lab systems, into the existing Tridium and Prophet databases and dash boards, as well as the VESDA alerts into the BAS was something that Sunbelt uniquely provides.

The campus continues to be used as an R&D facility and conference center. The mechanical service yard (MSY) central plant was also expanded as part of this project.



Architect: Gensler

Mechanical Engineer: Taylor Engineering

General Contractor: NOVO Construction

Controls Contractor: Sunbelt Controls