Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Livermore, CA

The programs and capabilities at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory span one square mile. This project is part of a partnership between NSA and LLNL to reduce the energy consumption of the LLNL campus. This project was an Energy Savings Performance Contract between Johnson Controls and NSA as part of their energy reduction targets.


The scope of work required the supply and installation of 85 IT Network compatible power meters and interfacing them to the site’s meter information management software package. In the majority of cases the meters were in new locations, both indoors and outdoors. In a few cases they were replacement meters for previously installed Analog Meters which were not IT Network compatible.


Due to the sensitive nature of the site, its strict security, and safety and installation protocols, this project required a high degree of coordination and attention to detail. Since Sunbelt had already executed a number of projects at this site, they were familiar with the typical requirements.

During the pre-installation phase, Sunbelt was responsible for all of the design engineering, installation details, and component selection. Once the pre-installation approvals were granted, Sunbelt furnished and installed all of the components in a phased manner. Due to the phasing there was a considerable amount of project coordination and building by building permits which were required. In completing this project NSA/LLNL now has the ability to measure power consumption of the metered buildings allowing them to determine if their future power reduction strategies are yielding the expected results.


OWNER / OCCUPANT: Dept. of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration