Rabobank Arena
Bakersfield, CA

The Rabobank Arena is a sports and entertainment facility that features 11,000 seats and luxury suites. The arena is used for hockey, basketball, concerts, ice skating events and other arena events.


  • 800 tons of Built-Up DX Cooling
  • 100 tons of Packaged Equipment
  • 200,000 Lbs of Duct Work
  • 7,500 hours of Field Sheet Metal
  • 4,000 Hours of Field Piping


Sunbelt delivered building automation solutions for all the HVAC systems–including all the refrigeration sequence and cycling–which are tied together using a Direct Digital Control system. The main system provides 800 tons of cooling using a built-up direct expansion approach. The luxury suites are individually zoned with packaged equipment to allow for small function occupancy without operating the main building systems.

A challenge on this project was integrating duct and pipe systems into the precast structure and the overhead steel catwalks. This included having the supports and hangers for the main bowl duct fabricated and installed concurrent with the initial installation of the building steel. Also Sunbelt Controls, alongside ACCO, took the lead in developing a smoke control strategy with FP&C Consultants. The system combined both active and passive elements for the most cost effective and operationally simple system solution.


Project  Team

Owner: City of Bakersfield

Architect:  Rosetti & Associates

General Contractor:  PCL

Mechanical Engineer:  ACCO Engineered Systems

Mechanical Contractor:  ACCO Engineered Systems

Controls Contractor:  Sunbelt Controls