San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center | San Francisco, CA


The San Francisco VA Medical Center, also called the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center (SFVAMC), is an essential medical facility focused on the care of Military Veterans. The main facility is on 42nd Avenue and Clement Street at the former Fort Miley Military Reservation in the Richmond District.


The VA Medical Center is a large facility with multiple buildings and systems. This project included various measures designed to conserve energy for the facility. The scope of work included the installation of new controllers, temperature and pressure sensors, damper actuators, valve actuators,  variable frequency drive (VFD) integration, and programming designed to save energy in the daily operation of the equipment and systems and locations including the Operating Rooms, Main Chilled Water Plant, and over 20 Air Handlers, all in occupied areas.


This project was complex as the facility is occupied with patients and staff, which required detailed coordination between Sunbelt Controls, the mechanical contractor, and the medical center staff. This coordination of work across the ten critical pieces of HVAC equipment allowed the project to be completed without impact to the patients or staff.

Project Team

Owner/Occupant: San Francisco VA Medical Center

General Contractor: Energy Systems Group

Mechanical Contractor: Emcor/Mesa Energy Systems

Product Solution: Johnson Controls