University of California, San Francisco Center for Vision Neurosciences | San Francisco, CA


Formerly known as Block 33, this facility will house a new Center for Vision Neuroscience with ophthalmology clinics as well as teaching, research, conference, and administrative space for various UCSF units currently located at multiple sites. The building consists of three wings: a 12-story tower, a five-story south wing, and a three-story north wing with a rooftop garden.

The building will contain The Center for Vision Neurosciences, including ophthalmology research, teaching and office support, and clinical space. In addition, the new building will provide academic and administrative office space (including desktop research and computational labs) for various UCSF units currently distributed across multiple sites. The new building will be located on Mission Bay Block 33, at the southeast corner of 16th Street and 3rd Street, at UCSF Campus Mission Bay East.


Sunbelt Controls delivered a state-of-the-art Distech control building automation system. The solution included control and monitoring key building systems, including:

  • Expansive Chilled Water Plant with Heat Exchanger
  • Air Handling Units
  • Supply Air Terminals
  • Exhaust Air Terminals
  • Carbon Dioxide Monitoring
  • Humidifier System
  • Lighting Integration
  • Monitoring of Fire Life Safety System

Monitoring of: Electrical, Gas, Fuel Oil System, and Generator.

Project Team

Owner/Occupant: University of California, San Francisco

Product Solution: Distech