View Pointe Building
Boise, Idaho

This project is at the View Pointe Office Building which is a 5-story commercial office facility with single story annex. The project involves HVAC upgrades and rehabilitation of (3) custom built multizone Air Handling Units serving (49) zones throughout the building, (2) Chillers, (1) Central Steam plant, (3) Package Rooftop Units, (3) split system furnace & AC systems and monitoring of building power consumption.

The multizone air handlers are all being refurbished by ACCO.  Sunbelt Controls is replacing the existing Alerton Ibex + Pneumatic controls system with a new Reliable Controls DDC system.  The project was put together on a joint proposal with ACCO and Sunbelt.  We leveraged value engineering ideas in our proposal which saved a considerable amount of money on the proposal price to the customer.  We are now able to use that cost savings for other items as we are executing the installation of the new system.

PRODUCT SOLUTION: Reliable Controls


Project Team

Owner: Idaho Health Insurance Exchange

Mechanical Engineer: ACCO Engineered Systems

Controls Contractor:  Sunbelt Controls