MOCA Wins LABBC Innovation Award for Energy Efficiency

Sunbelt Controls continues to change the way we build! The Museum of Contemporary Art’s HVAC Project has won LABBC’s Energy Efficiency Innovation Award! We want to thank MOCA for recognizing Sunbelt’s contribution to this award. Woody Schofield claims “Without Sunbelt’s expertise and dedication to the project, the outcome would not have been as successful.” It was a fantastic experience to work on this unique project and all of us at Sunbelt Controls are humbled to be a part of this recognition. THANKS, WOODY and THANK YOU, LABBC!

Click here to check out LA’s Better Buildings Challenge and read about how after six months following completion, the Museum has reduced its electrical consumption by >50%.

Sunbelt Controls’ Jess Lamas and Steve Breitel with the LABBC Innovation Award